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Beaut-N-Health is committed to the technological innovation that including Beaut-and-Health Skin (BHS) Theory, Programme, Technology and Product of entire industry chain of BHS Industry.

The driving force behind the Academy is the health and beauty of human skin. We undertake researches on fundamental science, innovative technology and applied technology and power the development of the entire industry.

TCM THOUGHT Drawing on the essence of TCM across time, space and national boundaries.
  • Preventive Treatment of Disease

    There' s an old saying "Prevention is better than cure". So does the skin. Find out the potential factor that will influence the health and beauty of skin in time and give it an effective health scheme, which could be remedied and back to the healthy and beautiful way.

  • Treatment based on Syndrome Differentiation

    It means to determine distinct treatments for individuals. Same as the solution for skin problems.Different age, sex and race have their own skin characteristics.If an effective solution wants to be given, we need to have a distinct treatment based on these diverse problems.

  • Holism

    Holism means to have a comprehensive, time-space and overall consideration of questions. It runs through the physiology, pathology, diagnosis syndrome, differentiation , health care, prevention and other fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Skin condition is a response to diverse physiological functions of the human body.Therefore, in order to solve the skin problems, it' s important to consider problems as a whole. Seeking both the external and internal cause can address both the symptoms and the root causes of the problem.

  • Treatment in Accordance with Three Categories of Etiologic Factors

    Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the occurrence and development of diseases are affected by many factors. The expected treatment programme has to accord with the connections between diseases, climates, geography and humans. The thought of keeping beautiful and healthy skin is similar with it. People divided in to niche groups and given treatments based on their needs can give them an accurate skin care.

BHS SCIENCEInterprete the ciphers of the skin diversification.
“Creatures have their own characteristics.” Doing pertinent and innovative researches on account of diverse human skins could help consumers acquire the BHS. Skin Well-being and Skin Epiphysiology, as the research methodological basis of Beaut-N-Health, provide scientific solutions by concluding the symptoms and influencing factors of different skins and exploring the physiology and pathology of skin surface problems.

    Skin Well-being concludes different types of skin natural state and nearly natural state by skin natural state test and sociallistening. Finds the internal and external influences to the health and beauty of skin. Finally, a series of safe and effective BHS to the problem will be formed.

  • Skin Epiphysiology

    Skin Epiphysiology is a study on the normal activities of various skin tissues and cells related to the health and beauty of the skin, especially the internal mechanisms of cell’s function in various layers of the skin and the interrelationship and interaction between diverse cells. It clarified how the functional activities of each parts are coordinated and mutually restricted from the skin as a whole.

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Tools to realize the transformation of thought and science
Develop the innovative R&D experiences into the new, extensible, reproducible and flexible technology, method and programme to help efficient innovations. Beaut-N-Health has now established technology R&D system of "Symptom, Principle, Method, Prescription, Herbs, Efficacy", safety evaluation of plant ingredients, cosmeties efficacy evaluation; high efficiency applied technology of plant ingredients, non-invasive efficacy evaluation technology and two-phase continuous oil extraction technology.
  • Technology R&D System of "Symptom, Principle, Method, Prescription, Herbs, Efficay"

    The system is a research framework and a process of "Human oriented" cosmetic functional plant ingredient development

    It' s the principle and main method of systematic consideration about finding problems analyzing problems, proposing solutions and verifying the effectiveness of solutions.

  • Evaluation System of Cosmetics Efficacy

    Give a systematic evaluation of cosmetic efficacy by the scientific, complete and shot experimental period assessment instruments and system.

  • Evaluation System of Herbal Actives’ Safety

    Beaut-N-Health puts forward the concept of the decision tree for the safety valuation of cosmetic plant extraction. Evaluates herbal actives' safety efficiently and comprehensively with the help of big data accumulation.

  • High Efficiency Application Technology of Plants Ingredient

    No anti-corrosion technology, Percutaneous penetration-enhancing technology, Transdermal sustained release technology, Two-phase continuous oil extraction technology

  • Non-invasive Efficacy Evaluation Technology

    Qualitative and semi-quantitative non-invasive test technology of transdermal absorption, Observation technology of non-invasive skin structure, Quantitative detection technology of skin erythema, Non-invasive quantitative detection technology of haematochrome, melanin and collagen

MORE PRODUCT TRANSFORMATIONThe essence carrier of thought output, scientific research and innovative technology
  • AQP Free

    Keep Moist to stay young

  • Puri-Six

    Clarification of skin defects

  • Irriguard

    Care over sensitive skin

  • Aknas Clear

    Clear acne, clear pores

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